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Ayur Herbal Cold Cream with Aloe Vera & Vitamin E

Ayur Herbal Cold Cream with Aloe Vera & Vitamin E


with aloevera

Rich concentration of natural lubricants makes a dense layer of moisture on the epidermis, hence reduces the rate of water loss from the skin. This mechanism in return prevents aging.

Price: $12.00
9.12 GBP 15.03 CAD 10.21 EUR

Body Drench Cinnamon Apple 2 fl oz

Price: $3.99
3.03 GBP 5.00 CAD 3.40 EUR

Body Drench Vanilla Peppermint 2 fl oz

Price: $3.99
3.03 GBP 5.00 CAD 3.40 EUR

Biotique Botanicals Advanced Fairness Treatment

Price: $4.99
3.79 GBP 6.25 CAD 4.25 EUR

Dabur Vatika Fairness Skin Whitenning Facepack



Made from Turmeric Curcuma Longa , Sandal Wood, Milk, and other herbal extract.
Turmeric & Sandalwood For Natural Fairness
Anti Ageing
Skin whitenning 
Skin Lightenning
Quantity 60 gms / pack

Dabur Vatika Fairness Face Pack comes in a ready-to-use paste format. Developed by the scientists of Dabur Research Foundation, this face pack is enriched with the goodness of natural ingredients that penetrate deep into the skin making it fairer.

Action & Ingredients: Chandan, milk and other ingredients remove dead cells. Kesar and Mulethi,alter the melanin formation in the skin. Haridra and other Ayurvedic herbs removes the skin blemishes.

Method of Use: Wash face. Pat skin dry. Apply the face pack evenly on your face daily, avoiding eyes and mouth. Let it dry for sometimes. Wash it off, While rubbing with your hands and discover fairer skin. Gentle for all skin types. Daily use recommended for fairer skin


Price: $9.99
7.59 GBP 12.52 CAD 8.50 EUR

Emami Naturally Fair Herbal Fairness Cream

Emami Naturally Fair Herbal Fairness Cream (Natural Herbal Products) 50gms


  Emami Naturally Fair - For the first time, here's a wonder fairness system

Made fron Real Pearls blended with herbs which not only makes you remarkably fair, but also gives your complexion a magical pinkish glow.

Emami Naturally Fair Pearls contains no chemicals and is made from Pearl, Saffron, comfrey, Coconut , Rose Sandal,  Aloe Vera Liquorice, Chamomile , Milk Wheatgerm and Cucumber.

Price: $7.99
6.07 GBP 10.01 CAD 6.80 EUR
Out of Stock

Eraser Ance And Pimple Blemishes Cream

 Eraser Acne And Pimple Cream 

It is a Cream which can cure your pimples very effectively as it has an excellent astringent, cooling & healing properties essential for acne treatment. Eraser Acne & Pimple cure cream is a unique formulation of herbs like Masoor & Phitkari which have anti inflammatory & cooling properties which help in reducing acne from your skin. It contains Haldi, a good antiseptic, which is beneficial in treating skin infections.


    * Removes Acne & Pimple in few days without leaving any scars.
    * Has cooling, astringent & healing property.
    * Keeps the skin soft & smooth.
    * Soaks excessive oil present in skin


List Price: $9.99
Price: $4.99
3.79 GBP 6.25 CAD 4.25 EUR

Eraser Herbal Skin Cream Strech Marks Dark Circle Blemish Scars

Eraser Skin Cream Ayurveda Skin Cream Removes Scar Naturally 25 Grams Tube


Skin relates to many marks. Marks which are associated with the outer layer of skin are post delivery stretch marks, stitch marks, scar marks, burn marks, hyper pigmentation, under eye dark circles and obesity stretch marks. Eraser is an effective Ayurveda cream providing vitamin E in its natural form as wheat germ oil to restore smoothness of skin, aids to cell renewal process which plays an important role as moisturizer. Vitamin E is very important to restore collagen elasticity and healing properties.  Besides wheat germ oil Eraser also contains haldi(Turmeric), neem, chandan(Sandal Wood), tulsi, orange peel, rose flower,aloe Vera, kesar (saffron)to provide antiseptic, antipruritic, revitalizing, astringent, hydrating and skin toning effects.
Post delivery stretch marks / obesity stretch marks :  
 These are slightly  depressed linear marks with varying length and breadth found in pregnancy. It is a mechanical stretching of skin causes linear rupture at deeper layer of skin (dermis) of lower abdomen, breast and thigh. Stretch marks are pinkish when recent buy silvery white when rupture heals by scarring.  White striae (scar) do not disappear after delivery. Apart from pregnancy it may form in cases of maternal weight gain, obesity, generalized oedema 
Hyper pigmentation : 
 There are many factors that after the hue of a normal skin.  The principal pigments are melanin.   Hyper pigmentation is most commonly seen following sun exposure.  Melanin deposited in the dermis will often produce a discoloration of the skin 
Scar marks / burn marks :  
 Tissue paper scar or poor wound healing is due to trauma or laceration of the skin.  Burn marks is a wound which may become serious entry of infection into the body if skin cover is not achieved quickly 
Stitch marks : 
 This are the marks which are seen after the grafting of separated skin.  Sometimes these stitches turn black or are clearly visible which gives a bad look to the skin. 
Under eye dark circles :  
 This is due to improper tightening of the under eye skin. This generally comes up with the age, skin looses and creates dark circles beneath them. 
 Eraser is a product with time tested and trusted ayurvedic herbs which lightens and erases post delivery stretch marks, scar marks, burn marks, hyper pigmentation under eye dark circles, obesity stretch marks and stitch marks with help of effective ingredients present in it.
Eraser removes impurities gently without disturbing oil moisture balance.  Wheat Germ Oil : 
Is the natural source of Vitamin E 
Restore smoothness of skin 
Aids to cell renewal process which plays an important role in post delivery stretch marks 
Vitamin E is very important to restore collagen elasticity and healing properties.
Price: $4.75
3.61 GBP 5.95 CAD 4.04 EUR

Fairever Skin Fairness Cream - 80g

 Herbal FAIREVER Fairness Cream - 80g    

 Fairever is one of the most successful fairness creams in the country. The unique combination of saffron and milk had already made it the beauty secret of millions of beautiful Indian women. Now, New Fairever is even more potent with Saffron Whitening Essence and Softening Milk Proteins and gives “up to 4-tone improvement in just 4 weeks”. It also makes your skin visibly fairer and soft to touch.       

Powered by the best from nature New Fairever has now combined the best of science and nature to give a more potent formula “With saffron Whitening essence” for beautiful skin. With new Fairever cream, all young women can now ‘glow’ with their beautiful complexion! Moreover, “Softening Proteins” from Milk make your skin absolutely soft and supple. New Fairever makes skin visibly fairer and softer than ever before and the results are visible. Fairness Indicator New Fairever now gives you fairness that is measurable. The New Fairever pack comes with a unique Fairness Indicator that you can use to measure for yourself the results given by New Fairever Fairness Cream. There are three sets of Indicators to choose from, according to your skin tone. Once you’ve identified the one that matches your skin tone, place it over your facial skin and note down the number on the matching colour swatch. You  can see the improvement which New Fairever Fairness Cream gives you as the weeks go on! So get”Upto 4 tone improvement in just 4 weeks”.
List Price: $0.50
Price: $5.50
4.18 GBP 6.89 CAD 4.68 EUR

Gallant II Twin Blade Shaving System

Price: $4.99
3.79 GBP 6.25 CAD 4.25 EUR

HennaLips Henna Lip Liner


Enhance the beauty and highlight the shape of your lips in a natural way with Henna Lips!
Henna Lips is the perfect solution for long-lasting and natural make-up. Henna Lips is a semi-permanent, two-tipped lip liner based on 100 percent natural ingredients. Since Henna Lips is water based and not waxy, it won't feel sticky on your lips.

  • Soft and gentle.
  • Double function - a lip liner and a lipstick!
  • Colours for all tastes.
  • Wheat protein gives smoothing and moisturizing qualities and fresh peppermint fragrance make your lips cool and refreshed.
  • Long lasting colour thanks to pure henna extract.
  • Kiss proof – does not smudge.
  • This product represents all the beauty enhancing benefits of henna, lawsonia inermis, without the complicated process that traditional uses of henna requires.
  • 100 percent natural ingredients  and Not tested on animals.

Choose from our range of colours to match your mood and clothes: Cherry pink, grape, burgundy, cappuccino, strawberry red and chocolate brown.
Application: Apply Henna Lips as a line around your lips and/or fill in as a regular lipstick. Henna Lips should be applied before regular lipstick.
You may notice a cooling and tingling sensation on the lips that is due to the presence of peppermint extract.
Note: We recommend that people with sensitive skin always test make-up products on small areas first.
Close cap after use to keep contents from drying out.

Read more: Henna Lips leaflet (pdf)

Color Cherry Pink
Cappuccino (SOLD OUT) (+$50.00)
Chocolate Brown
List Price: $29.99
Price: $17.99
13.67 GBP 22.54 CAD 15.31 EUR

Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Foaming Face Wash

Price: $6.99
5.31 GBP 8.76 CAD 5.95 EUR

Vatika Dermoviva Hydrate Plus Skin Cream 140ml

Price: $6.75
5.13 GBP 8.46 CAD 5.74 EUR

Shahnaz Husain Matte Mousse Saffron Skin Foundation

Shahnaz Husain Matte Mousse Saffron Skin Foundation



Price: $9.99
7.59 GBP 12.52 CAD 8.50 EUR

Shahnaz Husain Saffron Moisturizer With Sunscreen

Shahnaz Saffron Moisturizer with Sunscreen
100 ml


An exceptionally light moisturizer, especially suited for all skin types. Contains sunscreens for day long protection. Cools the skin.
Directions for use:
Apply on face and neck with light circular movements.

List Price: $30.99
Price: $24.99
18.99 GBP 31.31 CAD 21.27 EUR
Out of Stock

Hesh Naturorichè Neem Tone Powder

Price: $4.50
3.42 GBP 5.64 CAD 3.83 EUR


  New Eraser Plus Antimarks Fairness Cream

 A cream with non greasy base, suitable for all skin types, especially in summers and rainy season. Ithelps to keep skin flawless as it lightens and erases stretch marks, burn marks, under eye dark circles, hyperpigmentation, blemishes, wrinkles. Routine use of Eraser Plus cream protects the skin from environmental pollution and maintains softness, elasticity, and improves complextion to keep the skin youthful and luminous. Its double action not only removes marks from the skin but also makes skin fairer

 Non greasy base which can be used in summers and rainy season
 Absorbs quickly in skin
 Diminishes and fades scars and makes skin look more fairer
 Maintains softness and elasticity of skin

Click On The Picture For More Detail Information

Price: $5.99
4.55 GBP 7.50 CAD 5.10 EUR

Petal Fresh Botanicals Age-Defying Aloe & Apricot Facial Scrub

Price: $7.99
6.07 GBP 10.01 CAD 6.80 EUR

Reshma Femme Cleanser& Exfoliator Ubtan

Price: $7.99
6.07 GBP 10.01 CAD 6.80 EUR

Styli-Style Glide On Blush Stick Sherbert (Baby Pink)

Price: $4.99
3.79 GBP 6.25 CAD 4.25 EUR

Styli-Style Simply the Best Makeup Remover

Price: $7.99
6.07 GBP 10.01 CAD 6.80 EUR

Vatika Dermoviva Fairness Soap 125g

Price: $5.00
3.80 GBP 6.26 CAD 4.26 EUR

Olivia Herbal Facial Bleach for skin Facial



Why use chemical to bleach your skin when you can use the power of herbs to bleach naturally?
#1 Herbal formula to bleach your skin Naturally Herbal Skin Bleach for Face , Arms & Body

Olivia Herbal Bleach is the first herbal bleach in India and worldwide.
It not only bleaches the skin but also nourishes it with the goodness of nature’s wonders like Haldi (turmeric), Chandan, Nimbu(Lemon) & Aloe Vera.
While Haldi (Tumeric) protects the skin from inflammation and works as an anti-oxidant,
Nimbu (Lemon) acts as an effective antiseptic.
Aloe Vera adds life to the skin and Chandan (Sandal Wood ) soothes and adds glow to it.
All these make Olivia Herbal Bleach ideal for the sensitive skin.
The Ultimate Herbal Solution to the unwanted hair on face, arms & Body
Recommended for Use every 15 days

This products and is not recommended for Persons with sensitive skin or with history of allergy.

Olivia 25 grams
60 grams (+$2.00)
List Price: $15.00
Price: $4.99
3.79 GBP 6.25 CAD 4.25 EUR

Oxy Bleach For Facial Hair Salon and Regular Use


Oxy Bleach is applied on the skin- Hydrogen peroxide changes from liquid to gas and increases many times in volume , releasing oxy gen along with it .
The relesed oxy gen diffuses in the surface layer of the skin.
`Hi teach emollients` present in oxy bleach prevent the relesed oxygen from escaping into the atmosphere .
Oxygen molecules weave thir way through cellular layers and in the process carry active ingredients into your skin.
Nourishing it, Energizing it and Protecting it.and you witness a dramatic improvement of your skin tone that gets better with repeated use.

Oxy Bleach Helps Oxygen To Penetrate The Skin. When Oxygen Enters The Skin. It Takes With It Water And Lipids Deep Into The Skin, Making The Skin More Hyerated And Glowing.

Key Ingredient:-
Bleach Cream : Hydrogen peroxide . Powder Activator Persulphates

Size 25gm Pack
280gm Salon Size pack (+$20.00)
List Price: $9.99
Price: $4.99
3.79 GBP 6.25 CAD 4.25 EUR

Shahnaz Husain Diamond Skin Rejuvenating Mask

Shahnaz Husain Diamond Skin Rejuvenating Mask
50 grams / 1.75 oz

  • Extract of masoorika and oil of orange, combined with Yashad and Diamond Ash.
  • Help to strengthen the skin's supportive tissues, increasing vitality and delaying the formation of wrinkles and lines.
  • Helps to enhance both health and beauty of the skin.
  • Makes the skin appear firm and youthful.
Method of Use    Apply on face avoiding the lips and area around eyes. Wash off when dry.
List Price: $54.99
Price: $50.00
38.00 GBP 62.65 CAD 42.56 EUR

Sapat Lotion For Skin


Price: $7.99
6.07 GBP 10.01 CAD 6.80 EUR

Shahnaz Husain Shamask II Rejuvenating Body Balm Salon Size

Shamask II Rejuvenating Body Balm 
(500 gm)

An extremely effective formulation improves the texture of dull, making it look younger helps to protect the skin and reduces the signs of ageing. Makes the skin appear firm, smooth.and radiant. 
Method of Use
Apply on desired area. When it dries, wash off. May be used daily.
List Price: $69.99
Price: $59.99
45.59 GBP 75.16 CAD 51.06 EUR

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