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2017 crop Zenia Pure Henna Powder Body Art Quality

Price: $4.99
3.79 GBP 6.25 CAD 4.25 EUR

Zenia 2014 Crop Pure Henna Powder 100gm


  • Pure henna - contains no harmfull chemical or ppd.

  • Henna paste  can be used to dye and also to condtion hair naturally. 

  • Henna is used to condition hair and repair damage and dull hair.

  • Used for hand and body decoration in weddings and special occasion.

  • get nice thick and silky hair.

  • To use on hair you can mix with water or fresh orange or lemon juice and apply the paste on hair leave for 45 minutes and rinse hair with water.

  • Since Henna will dye both hair and skin if using for hair make sure to wear gloves or it will dye your hands or body.

  • For Body Tattoo you can mix henna with clove oil eucalyptus oil henna oil and tea water to make a paste. fill the paste in a applicator bottle with pinted tip or in a cone, 

  • henna can be left overnight for mixing in water so as to make sure full dye is released.

  • color results may vary from person to person pure henna is always reddish brown.

  • On gray and blonde hair red color may be visible while on black hair it wil look more brown with reddish tone.

1 - 12
13 - 36
100 grams (3.5oz)


List Price: $9.99
Price: $3.75
2.85 GBP 4.70 CAD 3.19 EUR

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